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    Several homecleaning tips

    Shoe Cleaners ??Scrape off any excess with a dull knife. Shoe creams can frequently be removed from washable materials by washing with your usual laundry product. ??If this is not successful, treat washable fabrics with glycerine. Pour on to the stain, rub lightly between the hands, leave for half an hour, then wash or rinse in warm water. ??On unwashable fabrics or for very stubborn marks, sponge with equal quantities of methylated spirits (wood alcohol) and household ammonia. (Test on coloured fabrics first). Then sponge with warm water. Silly Putty ??Scrape off the excess with a blunt knife, then apply a warm to hot solution made up of 1 part D’limonene, 1 part dishwash liquid, 10 parts water (read our notes on each product at this link). Massage into the putty, an
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    Several clean tips in homecleaning

    ??Grass & Other Garden Foliage ??Soak in a solution of a chlorinated laundry bleach or a diaper wash/sanitiser container sodium percarbonate. OR sponge with methylated spirits (wood alcohol). Remove this with warm water and where possible wash the article using Laundry powder or Liquid. ??Ice Cream, Milk & Cream ??For washable materials, first sponge with lukewarm water, then wash as usual. If the material is not washable, sponge with dry cleaning fluid then with cold water. ??Indelible Pencil ??Do not use water as this spreads the stain. Sponge over a pad of soft cloth, using equal quantities of methylated spirits (wood alcohol) and household ammonia (test coloured fabrics first). Should the colours run, try methylated spirits (wood alcohol) alone. Rinse or sponge


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