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    Poisonings Of Kids With Household Chemicals Decline, But Remain A Problem

    ??A nationwide study suggests that we’re doing a better job at protecting our kids, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. ??The good news is that injuries from household cleaning products dropped by almost half to about 12,000 in 2006 from around 22,000 in 1990. ??The decrease surprised the researchers. While they welcomed the drop, they were also careful to note that the overall decline isn’t the whole story. ??Accidents from chemicals in spray bottles increased. And the researchers think that there could be many more injuries out there because their study looked only at cases reported in emergency rooms. ??The results will be published in the September issue of Pediatrics and are currently available online. ??Kids between 1 and 3 years old accounted
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    Drinking Straw Machine

    The drinking straw machine apparatus according to claim 1 wherein: BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a packing machine, optionally an attachment for a packing machine, for packing bales of straw fodder of a “rectangular” form the machine comprising two drive rollers which rotate the straw fodder bale around a substantially horizontal axis. In agriculture, it is becoming more and more common to ensile straw fodder in the form of packed straw fodder bales. There is a movement away from the traditional silo plant. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION An objective of the present invention is to provide either a new complete packing machine, or optionally an attachment which can be mounted subsequently on machines which already exist, for packing bales
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    Traditional Soap Nut Usage

    Traditional Soap Nut Usage: ? Traditional usage, forget about your machine’s compartments entirely. Simply toss the bag right in with your laundry. Period. It doesn’t matter whether your machine is standard, HE, front-loading, top-loading or whatever. All we want to achieve is to get the wash bag to be washed right along with the rest of your laundry. Note: the traditional method of usage is the most economical method as long as it is used properly. (Much more on that in another article.) ??Important Fundamentals: ??Certain things are necessary to understand how to use soap nuts traditionally and to achieve best results. First some basic points: ??1) The raw soap nuts must become saturated with water. The hard dried fruit will become somewhat soft when it is releas
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